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The Dirty Dozen: 12 Pet Treats to Avoid

By: Brandy Arnold of The Dogington Post


If you were making your own dog treats, using the freshest and most wholesome, healthy ingredients, would you ever consider dumping sugar into the mix?

Of course not. So why, then, do a number of the most popular dog treats on the market contain high amounts of sugar? Because dogs love it.

According to a press release from Dr. Ernie Ward, founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) and author of “Chow Hounds: Why Our Dogs Are Getting Fatter – A Vet’s Plan to Save Their Lives” (2010 HCI),

…the problem is linked to money – lots of it. With US pet treat sales estimated to be nearly $2 billion in 2010, the treat bowl has turned golden. “Sugar is incredibly attractive to dogs. If a dog gobbles a treat quickly, an owner is more likely to give another – and another. This adds up to more sales – and profits. In the race for pet treat profits, our pets’ health is being bankrupted.”

With 45% of American dogs and 58% of cats considered overweight, an estimated 89 million pets are at high risk for developing conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and more.

In addition to obesity, sugary treats lead to behavioral problems as well.

“Numerous studies in rats demonstrate that overfeeding sugar can create symptoms similar to drug addiction. A dog’s daily sweet treat may be contributing to overeating and other undesirable behaviors. This is why I call today’s high-sugar treats ‘kibble crack.’”

Still, pet treat manufacturers blame pet owners. They are, after all, the ones that purchase and feed the sugary treats.

So, Dr. Ward listed what he calls “The Dirty Dozen,” the 12 most popular sugary dog treats that should be avoided. Pet parents should be aware of what they’re feeding their pets, understand ingredient labels, and to avoid treats that masquerade as healthy and nutritious while silently contributing to the obesity epidemic.

His goal is to help pet parents to be more aware of what they’re feeding their pets. “Pet owners definitely have a feeding disorder when it comes to their pets. Ultimately it’s up to each owner to control how much they feed their pets. What I want to bring attention to is what ingredients are in pet treats – and why. Pet owners must begin to question why there is sugar in a treat that claims to help teeth,” he said.

Dr. Ward’s Dirty Dozen – Popular Sugary Pet Treats

Pet Treat Added Sugar
Canine CarryOuts Chew-lotta Dextrose first ingredient
Snausages SnawSomes! Beef and Chicken Flavor Sugars 3 of first 4 ingredients
Pedigree Jumbone Mini Snack Food for Small Dogs Sugars 2 of 3 first ingredient
Petrodex Dental Treats for Cats Dextrose second ingredient
Pedigree Jumbone Sugar third ingredient
Milk Bone Essentials Plus Oral Care Sugar third ingredient
Pup-Peroni Lean Beef Recipe Sugar third ingredient
Science Diet Simple Essentials Treats Training Adult Treats with Real Beef Sugar third ingredient
Cesar Softies Dog Treats Sugar third ingredient
Milk-Bone Chewy Chicken Drumsticks Sugar third ingredient
Meow Mix Moist Cat Treats Corn syrup fourth ingredient
Pedigree Marrobone Sugar third ingredient
Other common sugar-containing treats according to Dr. Ernie Ward:

Pedigree Jumbone – Sugar third ingredient
Beneful Snackin’ Slices – Sugar fourth ingredient
Pit’r Pat Fresh Breath Mint Flavored Cat Treats – Maltodextrin first ingredient
Three Dog Bakery Lick ‘n Crunch – Dextrose third ingredient
Beneful Snackin Slices – Sugar fourth ingredient
Busy Chewnola – Maltodextrin second ingredient
Exclusively Dog Vanilla Flavor Sandwich Creme Dog Cookies – Sugars first two ingredients
Canine Carryouts Dog Treats – Corn syrup second ingredient
For more information, visit http://www.PetObesityPrevention.com or http://www.DrErnieWard.com .

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Traveling For The Holidays? Best Travel Websites For Travel Plans

Summer has been a blast and  just around the corner is the Main Holiday Season starting with Labor Day. For many people that means time to start planning even more family vacations.  The internet has made it easier than ever for people to book their getaways.  The following web sites are among the top rated and designed to save you money when planning your trips.


Expedia -You can plan your next great vacation with Expedia. As the world’s largest online travel agency, they  make it easy to get the best prices on flights, hotels, and flight + hotel vacations. They have the largest selection of hotels and airlines. You can get the best rates or get a refund plus a $50 Coupon. You can save up to $525 on hotel+ flight packages.

Tripadvisor.com -Plan and have your perfect trip with TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site. Browse over 100 million candid reviews, opinions, and photos of hotels, restaurants, attractions, and more – all by travelers like you. You’ll also find low airfares, free travel guides, worldwide vacation rental listings, popular forums with advice about virtually every destination, and more.


Yahoo! Travel – This is a very popular website for travel ideas, travel guides, booking a trip, evaluations of vacation spots. You can find cheap airline tickets, hotels, great cruises and vacation packages.

Orbitz.com–  This is a popular website for finding and booking cheap airfare but can also be used to book accommodations and car rentals.  They have the “price assurance” policy that states if another Orbitz customer get a better deal than you on the same flight or hotel than they will refund you 110% with orbucks (vouchers to be used on their website).  They also promise $50 vouchers if you find the same hotel rates or flights online for a lower price.  They have been under fire lately with consumer reviews for poor customer service and steep cancellation fees.

Travelocity.com–   Travelocity allows you to book flights, cars, hotels, cruises, and vacation packages.  They offer a competitive rate on prices compared to other online travel sites and they offer a similar deal to Orbitz on refunds if you find a better deal.  They also have been criticized in user reviews for poor customer service when plans need to be changed or reservations are lost.  Travelocity is the sixth largest travel agency in the United States.

Image representing Priceline as depicted in Cr...

Priceline.com–  Priceline is a website that helps customers get the best discount deal on flights, hotels, cars, cruises, tours, and attractions by using their “name your own price” feature.  This feature allows the user to name their price, general location, and service rating (star rating) but not the exact flight, hotel, etc.  The drawback is that if your bid is accepted you will be charged for that booking and are unable to cancel.  If your bid is not accepted you cannot bid again for 24 hours unless you change parameters such as star rating or location area. They also have a traditional booking system where you can see a list of hotel or flights to choose from and the rates they are being offered at.  Priceline.com is best known for getting consumer the best prices on hotel rooms using the “name your own price” and is generally well reviewed by consumers.

Kayak.com–  Kayak.com is a travel search engine that compiles data from over 200 travel sites helping its customers get the best deals on flights and accommodations, car rentals, and cruises.  It can send you email alerts when prices fall and compiles historical airfare information for viewing.  It is not a booking site but once you find what you want to book in their listings the site will take you to the booking page for that agency.  Kayak is best known for offering the best deals on flights, just be aware that they do not include Southwest Airlines in their searches.

Hotels.com – Hotels.com has over 200,000 hotels in more than 60 countries.There are 7 million hotel reviews that  will help you find cheap hotels or the best deal in the right location. Whether you are travelling last minute as a family or need a hotel for business, we have the right hotel deal for you. They also have a 24-hour call center, if you would prefer to speak to a real person. Don’t forget about the Price Match Guarantee and Last Minute Deals. Plus, no change or cancel fee from hotels.com to ease your mind with your next hotel booking. They promote themselves to have the best prices at the best places.

Booking.com– Established in 1996, Booking.com B.V. guarantees the best prices for any type of property, from small, family-run bed and breakfasts to executive apartments and five-star luxury suites. Truly international, Booking.com is available in more than 40 languages, and offers over 330,443 properties in 184 countries. Whether you’re staying in a city, by the coast or in the countryside, Booking.com guarantees to offer you the best available rates. The Booking.com reservation service is free. They don’t charge any booking fees or add any administration fees – and in many cases rooms can be cancelled free of charge.

Happy Travels!

Happy Walk Happy Dog

PetSitters Identifying Cat Litter Problems

a cat and a Litter box

a cat and a Litter box (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This blog is from a colleague who specializes in cat sitting. She has many colorful experiences with cats. And is also a passionate expert on cat litter. It’s a great read . And I learned a lot myself.

Our Pet Sitters Identify Litter Box Problems

Corn in Dog Food: Dispelling the Myths

Written on 02/27/2013 by  in Food Guidelines

While some people insist corn is a nutritious ingredient in a dog’s diet, others claim that it is nothing more than just an unhealthy cereal grain in Fido’s grub. But what really is the truth? Is corn good or bad as part of our pet’s food? Well, the answer actually depends on whom you throw the question at.

To Continue Reading, Click Here: Corn In Dog Food: Dispelling the Myths


Kasel Associated Industries recalls broad range of pet products: The products may be contaminated with Salmonella


Natural Pig Ears

Kasel Associated Industries is recalling all products manufactured at its Denver, Colorado, facility from April 20, 2012, thru September 19, 2012.

The products may be contaminated with Salmonella, which can sicken animals that eat them. Humans may also be at risk, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the pet products or any surfaces exposed to these products.

The recalled dog treat products were distributed nationwide through various retailers from April 20th to September 19th.

Kasel Industries is recalling Boots & Barkley, BIXBI, Nature’s Deli, Colorado Naturals, Petco, and Best Bully Stick items. Lot numbers as shown in 1 Year Best By Date Table and 2 Year Best By Date Table, which are attached.

The company has not received any reports of illnesses to date in connection with these products.

No other products made by Kasel Industries are included in the recall.

Consumers who have purchased any listed products are urged to return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Anyone with questions may contact Kasel Associated Industries at (800) 218-4417 Monday thru Friday from 7am to 5pm MDT.

2 Year Best By Date
UPC Lot/Best By Date
085239043165 Boots&Barkley American Beef Bully Stick 12″ 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239403495 Boots&Barkley American Smoked Beef Femur Bone 3″ 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239043103 Boots&Barkley American Flossie 6-8″ 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239403440 Boots&Barkley American Pig Ear Strips 8oz 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239043202 Boots&Barkley American Chicken Stuffed Beef Femur Bone 6″ 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239043110 Boots&Barkley American Braided Bully Stick 5″ 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239043325 Boots&Barkley American Chicken Jerky 16oz 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239043400 Boots&Barkley American Chicken Jerky 8oz 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
490830400086 Boots&Barkley American Variety Pack 32oz 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
647263899196 Boots&Barkley American Beef Ribs 2ct 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
647263899172 Boots&Barkley American Beef Knuckle 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
647263899158 Boots&Barkley American Pig Ears 12ct 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
647263899189 Boots&Barkley American Beef Bully Sticks 6ct 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
647263899165 Boots&Barkley American Pork Femur 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
681131857246 Roasted Pig Ear Dog Treats 28oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
800443092903 25 PK Natural Pig Ears 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
800443092910 12 PK Natural Pig Ears 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
800443092927 12 PK Smoked Pig Ears 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
800443092934 7 PK Natural Pig Ears 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
800443092941 7 PK Smoked Pig Ears 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263800291 16oz Chicken Chips 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263900151 16oz Salmon Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263800178 4oz Chicken Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263510176 4oz Lamb Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263900175 4 oz Salmon Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263801175 4oz Beef Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263800291 16oz Chicken Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263700157 16oz Pork Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018021 BIXBI Skin & Coat Beef Liver Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018045 BIXBI Skin & Coat Lamb Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018007 BIXBI Skin & Coat Chicken Breast Jerky Treats 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018069 BIXBI Skin & Coat Pork Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018144 BIXBI Hip And Joint Pork Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018120 BIXBI Hip And Joint Lamb Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018083 BIXBI Hip And Joint Chicken Breast Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018106 BIXBI Hip And Joint Beef Liver Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Bulk TDBBS, Inc Buffalo Hearts Sliced 3 lbs 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Bulk TDBBS, Inc Knee Caps 25 Ct 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Unknown TDBBS, Inc Pork Jerky Strips 16oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Unknown TDBBS, Inc Chicken Jerky 16oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Unknown TDBBS, Inc Turkey Cubes 4.5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Bulk TDBBS, Inc Pig Snouts 25ct 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Bulk TDBBS, Inc Beef Lobster Tails 1ct 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Unknown TDBBS, Inc Turkey Jerky Sticks 6ct 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Unknown TDBBS, Inc Hearts of Lamb 4oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Unknown TDBBS, Inc Lamb Jerky 4oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN

1 Year Best By Date
UPC Lot/Best By Date
647263800215 Nature’s Deli Chicken Jerky 3lbs 04202013 DEN-10032013 DEN
647263800208 Nature’s Deli Chicken Jerky 2.5lbs 04202013 DEN-10032013 DEN


The Liability of Dog Bites


A day or two ago, I wrote in my other blog, Scoop the Poop about how my heart was torn because I had to let go of a rescue dog I recently adopted. He was over aggressive , scared my pets and me as well because he has an unpredictable temper and he bites. It was the main reason he was placed in the shelter. The Northeast Georgia Humane society has been great because they kept him alive and put him in training with a behaviorist. I was another in line to adopt this pet who thought I would be able to handle him and his temper with the love and attention I would shower him. Well he awoke me from my fantasy and I recognized it was too much for me to handle. I felt ashamed because I pride myself on being able to handle and care for any dog. Yet I recognized that I had to let him go. I only did it after realizing that the NE GA Humane Society and I discussed his next steps and the extensive training he will go through with a behaviorist. I felt comfortable because I could tell they genuinely cared for him and his life like I did.

The blog:( When Is The Time To Give Up On An Aggressive Dog )

While contemplating if I should let him go, one of the determining issues was the legal aspect. What if he had bitten the dog clients I have in my house, my parents, my boyfriend’s parents or the kids? That’s plenty of lawsuits we couldn’t afford. So it was the right thing to do.

Today I read an article dealing with this exact issue and I want to share it with you. It’s called : How to Limit Your Liability If Your Dog Bites

Til Next Time…


Animal Abuse: Such a Big No-No!


I recently read a story about a man who was arrested because he was caught red- handed abusing a cocker spaniel in the street. He was caught by a passerby in a car who stopped to save the dog. God bless that man. The man got out of the car after witnessing a cocker spaniel getting punched in the face SIX times. The two men argued and the abuser was reported and arrested. What hurt my heart even more was finding out the abuser was a pet sitter. I don’t believe he was a professional pet sitter but in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter. Another animal was abused by a human.

Prosecuting acts of animal cruelty like this one is not only important for the sake of animals. It is also an essential step in protecting our communities. The evidence supporting the connection between animal cruelty and other serious crimes is overwhelming.
The realization is that there is a stong link between animal abuse and human abuse. Many animal abusers later go on to violently harm people, so it is a serious issue.
And with a large percentage of criminals being animal abusers. And animal abusers are a threat to our society.
But my focus right now is on the animals that are abused and its affect.

Deliberate cruelty to animals and negligence includes physically assaulting an animal, starving it, or keeping it in an unsuitable environment. This causes suffering. Animals experience pain, fear, boredom, loneliness etc just like we do. It can also cause physiological and health problems that include injury ,reduced immune response, increased susceptibility to disease ,digestive problems ,reduced reproductive fitness, increased stress hormones,increased heart rate and blood pressure,aggression ,depression, and stereotypic behaviors, such as pacing, head swaying, bar gnawing and self-harm.
Bottom line,animals are like humans, they feel the pain and have the fear. Their disadvantage is they are often helpless victims because they can’t say what happened to them. In fact, some people choose to abuse animals instead of people for this very reason! If we wish to create a humane society, we must stop cruelty against those who are most vulnerable-like animals.

So where do we start?

1) One of the most powerful tools we have for preventing cruelty to animals is education. It is important to plant the seeds of kindness in children early, and to nurture their development as the child grows. Children not only need to learn what they shouldn’t do, but also what they can do. When children see that their pets are happy and loving, it will make the child feel good, too. This in turn will help the children care for their pets’ feelings.

2) Don’t be afraid

Get to know and look out for the animals in your neighborhood. By being aware, you’re more likely to notice, for example, that the dog next door who was once hefty has lost weight rapidly—a possible indicator of abuse.

3) Know who to Call to report animal abuse.

Every state and every town are different. In some areas, you may have to rely on the police department to investigate animal cruelty; in others, you may have to contact local animal control or another municipal agency. If you aren’t sure where to report cruelty, here is a link to help you out. Report Animal Cruelty section.

4) Provide as much as information as possible when reporting animal cruelty. The details that you provide can go a long way toward assisting an investigating officer. It helps to write down the type of cruelty you witnessed, who was involved, the date of the incident and where it took place.

5) Fight for the passage of strong anti-cruelty laws on federal, state and local levels .With stronger laws come tougher penalties. Here in Atlanta,GA several federal, state and local laws have been passed regarding animals. The majority of these laws focus on the protection of animals as well as pet ownership, sale, and breeding. Animal Law also deal with legal issues such as veterinary malpractice, food production, use of animals for entertainment purposes, property rental for pet owners pets, and providing for the care of pets after the death of its owner. The Georgia Animal Protection Society is a great place to start. Happy Walk Happy Dog is involved.

6) Finally, Set a good example for others. If you have pets, be sure to always show them the love and good care they deserve. But it’s more than just food, water, and adequate shelter. If you think your animal is sick, bring him to the veterinarian. Be responsible and have your animals spayed or neutered. And give your pets lots of hugs!

In conclusion , Happy Walk Happy Dog doesn’t condone abuse in any way. I would bet the abuser that was arrested was not a professional pet sitter but someone doing a favor for a friend . And I don’t want pet owners allow this to inhibit them for getting great care for their pet. As a professional pet sitter, we are thoroughly vetted. Background checks are done and references are given. Happy Walk Happy Dog also involves itself in the fight against animal abuse. We are members of The Pet Professional Guild which prides itself on educating the public against abuse and raising pets without the use of force. We actively foster pets, volunteer with rescue organizations by giving them free walks and donations. Join us in helping to make the quality of life for pets better.

Til Next Time….