Menu Of Pet Care Services

Please note: There is a charge for mileage for more than 10 miles round trip. The current charge is 51 cents per mile from our home to your home. If you purchase a service that requires us to drive to or from a particular location, mileage is also charged regardless of location. This charge will vary depending on gas prices. The higher the gas prices, the higher the mileage charge, up to the IRS limit of 56.5 cents a mile.

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  Our Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Menu of Services

Allow your pet to enjoy a day of relaxation without the anxiety of worrying about you!
We offer you the perfect array of services to suit you and your animal’s preferences.

Whether you would like your pet to be walked, exercised, or simply have companionship, we will go above and beyond, assuring satisfaction for both human client and furry companion. 

We aim to treat your best friend the same way you do, with all the love, admiration and respect they can handle, all with little to no disruptions in their daily routine. 

Each service we provide is personalized to our guests’ individual needs: 

·  Get to know your pet sitter face to face in your home or in theirs with our complimentary ‘meet & greet’ or play date with all dog walking or pet sitting jobs!

·  We will make sure your every instruction is followed down to the last detail!We will contact you to update you on the care of your furry companion assuring you a worry-free time away.

·  We  are considerate animal lovers who look to go above and beyond the call of duty, on every job!

For dog walking services, we will walk or exercise according to your instruction and making sure they are safe and happy. For pet sitting service,  Your pet will be on our lap as we watch T.V., lying alongside us as we sleep, or in a comfortable pet bed if you prefer and at our heels as we cook dinner. We  will walk your dog 3-4 times a day, according to their schedule. We keep litter boxes and wee-wee pads clean. We feed according to any and all special dietary instructions. Oral medications are administered free of charge, and injections incur only a nominal fee.

Call us today so we can talk and match chemistry. Once connected, you can arrange a complimentary play date or ‘meet & greet’ at the location the services will be taking place, and you’ll get to know your sitter not only as a care taker, but a possible  lifelong companion for your furry friend every time you have to go away. When you choose Happy Walk Happy Dog, you know your pet is well cared for, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. Feel free to check out our most recent testimonials.

Need your plants watered and mail brought in while you’re away? It’s included in the Pet Sitting Services! 

A brief overview of the services we offer:

                              Dog Walking Services

  No pack walking. We walk only one client’s dog at a time!

100%-personalized attention!

We will happily feed your dog before or after each walk.

Complimentary ‘meet & greet’ with all walking requests!


                           Dog or Cat Sitting visits

 How do we do it? 

Your dog will have a visit for at least an hour. This visit will include

1) Dog walking or Exercise 
2) Feeding time. And then making sure he is walked again.
3) Any medication or special care.

Your cat is looked in on at your home for 30 minutes every day. This includes: 

1) a full half an hour of our sitter’s undivided attention on your cat.

2) With each visit the litter box will be scooped clean, water bowls will be cleaned and refilled, food dishes filled up, and tons of love and affection will be heaped on your kitty!

3) We follow all special instructions and wishes (dietary, medical, playtime…)

4) Complimentary ‘meet & greet’ with all sitting requests!

                   Hotel Visits/ Corporate Housing Visits

How do we do it? 

One of our pet sitters will keep your pet company at the hotel you are staying at. Visiting Atlanta or transitioning to a new town with your furry family member ? No problem.

·         Our pet sitter will visit at the hotel keeping your pet company .

·         Walking, playing and/or feeding included!

·         Complimentary ‘meet & greet’ on all hotel visit requests!

                            Key Pickup or Drop Off
We prefer to have two copies of your key on file in our safe at all times to better service you and your pets, but if you prefer for us to come and pick up the key and then drop it off (other than the initial free consultation), a fee applies to cover our gas and our time.

Key Pick Up or Drop Off begins at $15

                          Emergency Lock Out Service

If you find you have locked yourself out of your home, but don’t want to pay the big bucks to have a locksmith let you in, your Happy Walk Happy Dog will make the trip and let you in (as long as we have your key on file in our safe).

Emergency Lock Out Service starts at $25