Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to make this website as helpful and informative as possible. Each service is customized to the specific needs and preferences of the client. Whether you are looking for  dog walking, cat sitting, dog sitting or other pet sitting, we have the perfect solution to assure your pet is in the best hands during your absence. Feel free to look over these questions before giving us a call so we can put together the perfect package for your pet.

How do I get started?

Call or email with the following information: Name, location, pet(s), service requested, days you need walks. The most important thing is your location, so please don’t forget this.

If I offer what you are looking for, we will set up a time to meet. This meeting is free of charge. Your dog could be heading out for his first walk the very next day!

You will fill out some paperwork and sign a contract. We’ll have a chat about your dog, and all get to know each other a bit.

You’re encouraged to browse this website. I may help answer some of your questions.

My dog is not well socialized. Can he go out with other dogs?

Perhaps. If your dog is not aggressive, but more on the shy side, he could benefit greatly from going out with a group, and being regularly exposed to other dogs. A test walk plus lots of communication would be required. But remember, we specialize in individual walks . Therefore this may the ideal situation for him.

I just got a new puppy. What help can you offer?

Between 2 and 4 months old your new puppy needs a chance to relieve himself often, and needs to be exposed to the world, but is not yet ready for a playgroup. I’m available to take your puppy out alone. This is a great opportunity to socialize your puppy into society of man and dog. We can take rides in the car, go to different neighborhoods, and try to experience as much as possible, while getting to know each other and work on training. I have lots of experience with puppies and really enjoy helping them become confident, well-socialized canine citizens.

What areas do you serve?

We service Gwinnett County and Dekalb County, These zip codes:
30092,30096 ,30515 ,30518, 30519, 30338,30356 ,30039,30026 ,30029,30095, ,30096 ,30098 ,30099 30017 ,30024, 30043, 30044,30045, 30046,30049 ,30047 ,30048 ,30003 .30010 ,30071 30091 ,30092 ,30093,30026, 30029 ,30092,30092,30099 ,30039 ,30078 ,30098 ,30518,30328,30350,30358,30005,30022,30097
One of our favorite areas to take pets is the Alexander Park because it is safe. If you prefer other areas of course we are open.

If you live near one of these neighborhoods, just let me know and we’ll work something out

.I’ve heard some bad things about dog walkers. How do you operate?

As of now, this is a “one woman show”. You can be certain of who it is that will walk your dog. This is a legitimate business, with a big dose of dog passion.

Dogs will be transported to and from the park in a well ventilated car, and pick ups and drop offs will be done as quickly as possible. Walk time starts when we arrive at the park. Dogs are not allowed off leash. We  will run, play, chase the ball etc. On leash dogs will by no means be standing still. On very hot days, we will of course slow down for the safety and comfort of the dog. After the walk, your companion will have a chance to drink some water ,eat treats and get lots of love and made sure he is made comfortable before leaving. On rainy days, I’ll allow some extra time for towel drying, but please understand that it will not be possible to return your dog squeaky clean.

When at the park, your dog will be  well supervised to ensure they are not being destructive, scaring children or being intimidated by other animals.

Instructions will be followed regarding the return routine of your dog, such as if you want your dog in or out of a crate, be given a kong etc.

Communication is very important, and you are encouraged to share any news or concerns, or ask questions.

Do you charge additional fees for holidays or weekends?

No and no. We have zero membership fees or dues of any kind. Our fee structure is the same no matter what time of year.

How much advanced notice must I give before making my reservation?

We take great pride in the flexibility of our pet sitters. We know emergencies and last-minute trips are a part of life and have a wonderful track record of successfully placing last-minute reservations. However, the more notice you provide, the better we can manage a schedule. Plus, we do not charge any additional fees for last minute reservations.

 I’m traveling to Atlanta with my petCan I use your service?

Certainly! We have specific options for travelers to the Dirty South. We can provide daily in-home day care or we can make hotel visits for dog walking and companionship.

New to Lawrenceville?

Get your dog license here:

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