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11 Possible Signs Of Cancer In Your Dog


11 Possible Signs Of Cancer In Your Dog

It’s important to remember that no single symptom here is necessarily indicative of cancer. They are however, good reasons to make an appointment with your vet. (graphic courtesy of

Signs of Cancer In Your Dog:

1) Straining to poop/thin, ribbon like stools
2) Lethargy or no appetite
3) Any new bump or lump
4) Drainage or odor from ears (note: this is also very common with ear infections)
5) Runny, bloody nose
6) Unusually foul breath & excessive drooling
7) Increased thirst and urination
8) Diarrhea / Vomiting
9) Change ins shape, size, or feel of an existing lump
10) Limping/change in gait
11) Difficulty urinating and/or blood in urine (note: also very common with urinary tract infections)

One of the most important things to remember from this graphic is change. If you see your dog’s normal behavior change, it might be time for a visit to the vet. Don’t panic if you see one or more of these characteristics, only your vet can make a proper diagnosis