Summer Tips For Keeping Your Pooch Cool & Happy!

Scoop The Poop!

Prince Nino – 5 months old

Well after pet sitting today,  my 4 fur babies, who constantly  beg me to take them out in the middle of the fray, finally got a taste of why we always walk in the early morning hours(6am -8am) or the evening (6:30 pm – 8 pm).  I allowed them to be my dates for an art festival. Guess what they did,. They were constantly trying to  hide under every table to protect themselves from the heat and sun. Needless to say , our stay wasn’t long . Of course I won’t allow them to die of a heatstroke. I took them home, gave them , fed  them and relax in this beautiful cool house.

So what’s your summertime plan with your favorite four legged kids? As humans, during the summertime, we LOVE feeling the heat. Your pets think they will enjoy it too, but…

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