Summer Cooler Dog Smoothie Recipes

Scoop The Poop!

This Article is NOT from me. It’s from one of the many newsletters I enjoy. Hope you enjoy!

The dog days are upon us with sweltering temperatures and sweat glands operating at peak efficiency. Fido will appreciate cooling off with these dog-safe smoothie recipes as he lounges in the kiddy pool.

If you’re feeling a sense of culinary adventure and would like to whip up your own treat, know that not all people food is good for pets. A good website to consult for ingredients isTrupanion’s Fruits and Veggies for Pets. Also make a point to evenly balance the fruit to veggie ratio to avoid giving your pooch too big of a sugar rush at one time. If your pup is diabetic, consider adding no more than ½ cup fruit with the rest veggies to your smoothie. One more note: All ingredients should be well…

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