Socialized Dogs Vs  UnPolite Aggressive Dogs

Scoop The Poop!

Canine Behavior

The right kind of socialization is essential to the normal development of a family pet. Dogs are social creatures that crave the attention of people and the companionship of other dogs. This ability to spend time with both people and play with other dogs does not just come about naturally , it must be carefully fostered.

The easiest and most important time to socialize a dog is when it is a puppy between the ages of 8-18 wks of age. This is the time in your puppy’s life when he is most impressionable and open to meeting new people, and other puppies and adult dogs. Playtime with other dogs is essential at this age but should be carefully monitored so that your puppy learns to adjust it’s playstyle to the dogs he is playing with and not adopt bad habits. If your dog usually plays too rough…

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