Emergency Kit For My Cat?! Why Do I Need This?

Scoop The Poop!

Has anyone noticed the increase in natural disasters not just in the United States but around the world?  We all remember Hurricane Katrina. Does anyone remember the California Fire Disaster in 2009. Matter of fact, I believe they had one in 2012 and this year. Then we have the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami of 2004. Let’s look at our recent disasters. South Dakotans experienced a freakish early snowstorm (up to four feet fell in some places) that killed tens of thousands of cattle. The Midwest is just beginning to recover from powerful tornados more commonly seen in the summer.  Then we have the devastating typhoon that decimated parts of the Philippines. Have you seen the predictions of California running out of water by 2016 ? Check out this article http://rt.com/usa/240657-nasa-california-water-drought/ .  Last but not least the record breaking snow storm of Boston this year, http://www.weather.com/news/news/new-england-boston-record-snow-tracker .

All of this…

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