Welcome To My New Avon Blog

Hello Everyone! I wanted to share my new blog, Avon Lady Of The South. I would love if you’ all would follow me! Thank you so much!

The Avon Lady Of The South

Hello Beautiful!

Most people recognize me from my Petsitting blogs , Happy Walk Happy Dog Blog and Scoop The Poop Blog. What you may not realize is that  I am a connoisseur of beauty. I not only believe that there is something beautiful about everyone but I also believe in taking those strengths and enhancing them.  I am not into cosmetic surgery because there is nothing wrong with valuing yourself as you are.

There are many beauty products and your top ones are expensive. What I love about Avon is that our products can compete with the best at a reasonable price. You don’t have to break the bank to be the best you , you can be. Avon has so much to offer. I will write about our products , video my experiences and how we compare with the other products.  I love many other products available to us but…

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