Feeding Your Cat : Cat Foods 101

Scoop The Poop!

Princess & Pepper

Usually, I talk about dog food and the issues of recalls. Today, I want to focus on Cats’ Health. Cats are carnivores. That’s the most important thing to keep in mind when considering what to feed yours.

Cats are different from us and from dogs. When it comes to nutrition, they are very inflexible, and owners must realize that. Compared to what their owners should be eating, cats need to eat a lot of meat for protein and for fat.
If we ate like cats, we’d have heart disease by age 20. They are not at all the same as humans and they are not little dogs. The reason this is brought up, it’s not uncommon for owners to treat their cats the same way they treat dogs, which can eat a variety of foods and remain healthy.

Dog food can be fatal to cats over time…

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