Understanding Your Dog’s Body Language : 7 Types To Familiarize Yourself!!

Scoop The Poop!

Stressed Dog

Dog body language can tell us what dogs are feeling, how they are handling a given situation and what they are about to do. Handed down from the complex body language of their wolf ancestors, the body language of dogs is easy for humans to understand, given some practice and careful observation.
By knowing dog body language you can avoid fearful situations and aggressive behavior, prevent dog bites, react when problems occur and provide a happy life for you and your dog.

Relaxed dogs

Relaxed dogs do not feel threatened by other dogs or their environment. They are friendly and approachable. Relaxed dog body language traits:
dog standing erect on four legs;
tail hanging down straight (or in some breeds, curled upward) and wagging in a slow, sweeping motion;
mouth open, tongue out, gentle panting (but not due to heat or stress);
ears erect and facing forward;

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