Coping With Storm Anxiety

Scoop The Poop!


Does your dog panic in the hours before and during a thunderstorm? Storm anxiety can be displayed with relatively minor symptoms like trembling, panting, and drooling; more intense symptoms like hiding, whining, and inappropriate elimination; or even extreme symptoms like destructive behavior, and self injury. It is estimated that one third of dogs exhibit some form of storm anxiety.

It is not known exactly what part of a thunderstorm triggers dogs with storm anxiety; whether it’s the wind, rain, thunder, lightening, ionization, drop in barometric pressure, or the low-frequency rumbles that precede a storm. It has, however, been established that certain dogs are more susceptible to this form of anxiety. Many experts believe that herding breeds, hound breeds, and working breeds are more likely to develop this form of anxiety. It is believed that these dogs, as a result of breeding, react quickly to outside stimuli, but suppress certain undesirable…

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