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Where We Are Today!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Walk Happy Dog is at The Johns Creek Pet SuperMarket promoting Our Business
5805 State Bridge Road

We will be here every weekend so take some time and come visit us!

Come on out and meet me and Find Out what we are all about!



Do Dogs Whine When They’re Bored? by Chris Miksen, Demand Media


I didn’t write this article. But I think it’s a great article to read and educate yourself. So Enjoy!!

Your pup whines and attempts to stop him lead only to more whining. Eventually he goes into full-blown crazy mode, moaning, spinning around and nosing you. There’s a good chance he’s just bored and wants to play, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes he wants something else, like food, or he’s crying because he’s a sick puppy.

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Pet Preparedness For Emergencies : Protecting Our Pets Before Disaster Happens

Scoop The Poop!



According to the USHumane Society, when disaster strikes, the same rules that apply to people apply to pets: Preparation makes all the difference, and if it’s not safe for you, it’s not safe for them. Take a few minutes to make a plan and assemble an emergency kit for yourself and your pet. It is important to include care for your pet when you prepare to evacuate.

Happy Walk Happy Dog wants to remind you to take the following steps to ensure your whole family’s safety, including your pet’s.

Basic supplies can be kept in a “go bag” for your pet:

Food, Dish and Water for five days – Make sure you remember a manual can opener.
• Medications and medical records – stored in a waterproof container.
• Sturdy leases, harnesses, and carriers to transport pets safely and to ensure that…

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